Saturday, December 1, 2012

knit, purl, repeat: garter rib baby blanket


First baby project done!!  I found this pattern free on ravelry, by Orange Flower.  It was super easy to do since the only counting involved was k3, p3.  Between knitting at nap time (of kids I nanny), in the evenings while watching tv and a few coffee and knitting meetups it went by pretty quickly -- as far as knitting a blanket goes!  

I bought 4 skeins of Vanna's Choice yarn in mustard and used just over 3.  The finished size of the blanket is about 30x30.  The rest of it I'm using to making a smaller sized "lovey" blanket, which is ending up to be about 10x10 I think, that we can take along with us in the car if she decides it's a favorite thing.  For anyone else that wants to do this I took a stab in the dark and cast on 51 sts. I'm not quite finished with the leftover piece but can tell I will have little bit of yarn left to toss in the random bits of leftover yarn bin :)

Also have been working on a snuggle sleep sack and have yarn for a hat as well.  Madtosh had a great yarn sale on Black Friday so I splurged for myself and bought some GORGEOUS hand dyed yarn for a cardigan pattern by Jane Richmond.  I had planned on waiting to start that, but caved and have worked on that a little bit.  Contemplating the right pattern for some other Madtosh yarn that I have a little bit of, perhaps a new hat since I neglected to leave any out for this winter while packing things up in September when it was still 90something out.

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  1. Hello! I realize you made this a long time ago -- but any chance you might remember what size needles you used? It is a really lovely blanket, especially in the Vanna's Choice mustard (do you find it soft enough?). I checked out the pattern and feel I am up to the challenge of counting to three over and over. Thank you.